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The Vito is Boxing Clever for Jamie Moore


Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle Dealer group, Rygor, recently held its team wellness month, which gave staff the opportunity to learn more about the benefits available to them for being part of the company. Team members also shared their personal health, fitness and mindfulness blogs with the rest of the business, to highlight how they look after themselves and live healthy lifestyles.

The Dealer group is committed to working with worthwhile causes, from its Charities of the Year initiative to supporting health and wellbeing organisations. Rygor’s partnership with professional boxing and personal trainer, Jamie Moore, is no different.

Moore, who has just been training boxer Carl Frampton for his recent fight in Belfast, which saw him victorious, said: “The relationship with Rygor started a few years back when I met Rygor owner director, Paul Reed, who is also very passionate about health, wellbeing and nutrition. I do a lot of travelling with my job. I have 10 professional fighters now and four or five are fighting at any one time. They are from all over the country, so I have a lot of driving to do and the contests take place all over the UK.

“It used to be a challenge at times, transporting everything we needed as well as the lads themselves. Their training is so important, not just from a sporting career perspective, but it also allows them to be the best versions of themselves, living positive lives. Paul saw the bigger picture when it comes to sport and what it can do to give young people purpose and focus, which is why he wanted to help.”

Moore added: “Many of the lads I train are up and coming boxers and do not have a lot of funds available to them, which is why they rely on the help this partnership offers - it makes all the difference. The Vito Crew Van from Rygor allows us to transport the team as well as all the equipment we need for training and the fights.”

But the benefits of the Vito do not stop there for Moore. A family man, the van is perfect for business and lifestyle. “I have two kids, so I use the Vito to do the school run. Every day I take them both to school and then go straight to the gym to train my clients. I then head back to school at the end of the day to pick them up and take them home. In fact, my daughter doesn’t like travelling in anything except the Vito! She likes that it is so comfortable.”

Moore retired from professional boxing back in 2010 and it was a couple of years before he began training the boxers of tomorrow. “The knowledge I have developed from my own training back in the day, everything from nutrition to fitness, has helped me become the trainer I am. This is not only when it comes to training professional boxers, but also general personal training at my gym in Astley.”

Moore has been training Carl Frampton, also known as 'The Jackal' since autumn last year. Moore said: “Over the past 10 weeks, I’ve had sparring partners from America coming over to practice with Carl, so that has involved even more travelling to airports to collect them. It’s been a really useful process though and the Vito has been invaluable over this time.”

Paul Reed, Rygor owner director, said: “As an owner of a business, the health and wellbeing of the team is incredibly important to me. I enjoyed having the opportunity through our wellness month here at Rygor, to share some of my personal thoughts on health and wellbeing and my own journey. I believe it is so important to support organisations such as Jamie’s which are looking to help people who want to make something of their lives and want to do their best. It’s a great partnership and I am delighted that the Vito is just the thing for Jamie and his clients.”

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