Perks of the job!

At Rygor, one of our core values is being ‘rewarding’. We want to be a rewarding place to work, and we believe in rewarding and recognising our team. This is why we are delighted to have launched the new Perkbox hubs.

In addition to having access to hundreds of perks that help our team save on everyday purchases, including food, drink, cinema tickets, clothing and homeware, the new platform from the online benefits company also offers our team members so much more…


We have introduced ‘Flex Perks’ for our employees, which gives them more choice so they can choose the perks which are meaningful to them. We have invested in assigning each Rygor Perkbox user a monthly allocation of Flexi points in their Perkbox wallet, which can be spent on a range of Flexi Perks at no cost to them. In addition to this, our team can now access a new Wellness Hub, which features an extensive library of wellbeing content, from workout videos, to mediation guides, to soothing sleep stories. Whatever your mood or goals, there is something for everyone. With a robust wellness programme at Rygor, we’re excited to link this new platform into our existing programme.

And then there is one of our favourite new elements of the platform… Because we really do believe in recognising our team on a job well done, the launch of the all new Celebration Hub is an exciting addition to our team’s perkbox platform. This Hub is an interactive way to celebrate achievements across our team. Our colleagues are able to recognise each other for their hard work, vote for winners of polls and comment on each other's achievements. No matter where someone is in the company, you can make their day by sending them a recognition, celebrating an important day or milestone, or simply saying thank you!

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