Rygor Advises Drivers to Carry Out Vehicle Checks Before Essential Journeys

Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle Dealer group, Rygor Commercials is urging van drivers to carry out a vehicle health check before driving their vehicles for essential journeys.

Chris Taylor, service director at Rygor, said: “At the moment, vehicles, and vans especially are falling into two categories: those which are rarely being driven, due to the current health pandemic and those which are working harder than ever. This category includes vans being used as delivery vehicles, blue light vehicles, utilities and couriers – all playing a significant part in looking after the most vulnerable and keeping the country moving. It is always important to check your vehicle, but it is something that drivers can forget to do and now more than ever it’s important to ensure vehicles are roadworthy. This is why we have put together a vehicle check list for drivers.”

  • Carry out a visual, external check of your vehicle
  • Check all lights are working, including headlights, brake lights, indicators and reversing lamps
  • Make sure there are no leaks under the vehicle
  • Check there are no loose parts or sharp edges on the outside of your vehicle
  • Check your tyres, making sure there are no obvious bulges, cuts or loose fittings
  • Check your tyre tread, which should be even around the whole tyre, and should measure to at least the legal minimum of 1.6mm
  • Check tyre pressure – essential for proper steering and braking
  • Check wiper blades are in a good working condition
  • Check both registration plates are clean and fastened securely
  • Check the fuel cap for any leaks
  • Check all your levels including water, windscreen wash, brake fluid, coolant and power steering fluid
  • Check the load area of your vehicle is secure and that your maximum load is not exceeded
  • Check your seatbelts work correctly
  • Check your view is not obstructed
  • When starting the engine, ensure all vehicle management lights are displaying correctly and address if not
  • Test your brakes before you set off on your essential journey, to ensure they are responsive
  • Once the engine is running, if you notice excessive smoke coming out of the exhaust, turn the engine off immediately and get the vehicle checked by a trained technician

James Edwards, Rygor group technical manager, added: “Obviously if it’s not absolutely essential, then no one should be travelling, but we understand that some individuals and businesses are still needing to utilise their vehicles at this time, which is why we are sharing this check list. There are of course situations in which it is essential to get your vehicle checked by skilled and highly trained technicians, which is why the Rygor team is here, to keep your vehicle on the road. Keeping vehicles safe, legal and roadworthy is paramount, so we would encourage all road users to check their vehicles before setting off on their essential journeys and to get in touch with us if they need assistance. All our aftersales branches are open, offering servicing, maintenance and MOT testing for vans and the vehicles of critical workers, regardless of make and model. Our team is abiding by all social distancing guidelines, cleanliness practices and have implemented contact-free handover processes, for the safety and wellbeing of everyone.”