75 Years of Mercedes-Benz Experience: Rygor Reading’s Truck and Van Aftersales Team Continues to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

For businesses who run trucks and vans, whether large fleets or single vehicles, ensuring vehicle uptime and receiving exemplary customer service are the highest priorities when choosing to work with a vehicle maintenance provider.

The Reading aftersales managerial team from Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle Dealer Group, Rygor Commercials, has been at the helm of the site for more than 20 years and collectively have clocked up more than 75 years of Mercedes-Benz experience throughout their careers to date. Adrian Neale, service manager and Andy Chaloner, parts manager have worked together throughout their careers at Rygor and still lead with passion to inspire their teams, and to deliver the highest levels of customer service.

“One of my team recently said, ‘they don’t make them like you guys anymore!’” remarked Andy. “We have the most phenomenal parts and service team here at Reading. Most of my parts team started with me as apprentices and are still here today, delivering the highest levels of service to our customers. However, it’s fair to say that myself and Adrian have many, many years of industry and Mercedes-Benz experience under our belts (though I do like to remind him I am the younger of the pair of us!) and really live and breathe the commercial vehicle industry.”

Adrian added: “The team here at Reading really is like a family, because we have worked together for so long and no matter what department we are in, we always come together for the benefit of our customers. At the beginning of this year, our site had a really proud moment when seven of us from the branch were awarded an employee-nominated Setting Standards award from the Rygor business. We’re proud of what we do here, but it is always great to see that our peers at other sites and the Board recognise this too.”

And it’s not just Andy and Adrian’s peers who are delighted to work with them. Many of the branch’s truck and van customers have been working with the site for a long time.

Gema Martinez-Cabello, workshop administration manager at Rawlings, said: “We have had a long-standing relationship with the service team at Reading, and about four years ago as I came into this role, we continued to develop the relationship with Rygor and started utilising the parts division too. We choose to work with Rygor because, essentially, they keep me happy and our vehicles on the road. That is always what we need. The team on site always exceeds my expectations and go out of their way to do everything they can to keep our vehicles moving. We have a great relationship, and I can’t ask for more than that.”

Dave Morgan from Span Euro, said: “I have worked with Adrian and Andy for more than 20 years – so pretty much the whole time they have been at Rygor. The service level is really good and they are always there to keep my vehicles on the road, sort any problems that may occur and get me the outcome I need.”

Justin Readings, transport manager at NEP, said: “We have been working with the team at Reading for seven years and personally, I have been working with them in my current role for the past three. However, I have actually worked with Rygor for a very long time in previous positions in my career. For NEP, it is really great that the site is local to us, that makes things much more convenient. Crucially though, they understand our business and our needs. As a television broadcaster, we always need vehicles on the road to ensure we can do our job. We receive really great customer service from the team at Reading and we even have a dedicated technician, Tom, on site with us, which is beyond beneficial. Adrian is brilliant to work with from a service perspective too, as he understands the importance of keeping our vehicles on the road, and I always feel that they do everything they can to keep us moving.”

Sean Joyce, Rygor service director, said: “I’d like to personally congratulate Andy and Adrian on their incredible achievement of more than 75 years working within the Mercedes-Benz brand, not to mention nearly 50 years with the Rygor business collectively. The team at Reading are incredible and this is no doubt partially down to the brilliant leadership that these two industry stalwarts bring to their roles. They not only know their customers and put their hearts and souls into delivering exceptional customer service, but as a dedicated Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle dealer, selling and maintaining both trucks and vans, they know and understand the product range inside out and this is no doubt a huge benefit to our customers. Here’s to the next decade gents!”