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Rygor Leaders Celebrate 10 Years of Ownership


This month, Rygor Owner Directors, Tim Stacey, Graham Drake and Paul Reed are celebrating 10 years as owners of the Rygor Group, which encompasses the Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle arm of the business, Rygor Commercials.

Having started life in the 1960’s as a family haulage business in the Mendips, Rygor Group became an authorised Mercedes-Benz repairer in the 80’s and a full Dealer shortly afterwards. Today, Rygor Group Ltd. employees more than 700 team members and has 11 authorised Mercedes-Benz Vans and Mercedes-Benz Trucks sales and after sales branches across the UK. Within the commercial operation there are also more than 10 vehicle maintenance units providing dedicated service, maintenance and repair for large fleet customers. Rygor Group Services is the haulage arm of the business, employing approximately 50 people, with a fleet of 50 Mercedes-Benz trucks.

In recent years, Rygor has expanded into new locations, now with a flagship branch in Gloucester, opened in September 2016. The Dealer has also recently completed a significant investment at its Oxford branch, which has seen a complete refurbishment of the site.

In 2017, Rygor’s van sales team took centre stage at the Mercedes-Benz Van Academy Awards by winning in no fewer than five of the 12 categories. Furthermore, the company’s dedicated Truck Sales Team was shortlisted in the 2017 Commercial Motor Awards, for Truck Sales Team of the Year.

Rygor Managing Director, Tim Stacey, celebrated 25 years at the business earlier this year, joining his team for the company’s annual long service recognition lunch. Tim has been instrumental in multiple acquisitions in this period, which has helped the company become what it is today. Tim still works closely with Rygor’s customers and suppliers and is dedicated to his team across the Group.

Tim said: “I think it was in Spiderman where it was said, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’, which might sound a bit cheesy, but with more than 700 employees across the Rygor Group, being an owner is a big responsibility, but it is one I love. We also have a responsibility towards our customers, which is why at Rygor we believe in Setting Standards, which to me is always about delivering the highest level of customer service. As an owner of the business, I need to lead by example, so I pride myself on being approachable, considerate and most importantly, taking the time to listen to others. We have such a wealth of knowledge across the company, which is why I regularly go out to sites to listen to the team’s ideas and thoughts on the business. Our team makes Rygor what it is. Many of our employees have been with the company for a very long time and are like family now. I am also extremely lucky to have two fantastic business partners in Graham and Paul, who are not only great businessmen, but true friends as well. I’m incredibly proud of how far the business has come in the past 10 years and one of the highlights for me is getting to see our team grow and flourish throughout the company.”

Paul Reed is a stalwart of the commercial vehicle industry. With more than 30 years of service under his belt, he has worked his way up through the sector, starting as a technician and becoming a service manager at just 23.

Paul said: “I love what we stand for, by way of passion behind what we do every day and how much positive influence we've had on the industry in general. Being an owner of Rygor generates personal pride in knowing you own a business that is the brand’s most consistent performer for over a decade, as well as developing our team members into some of the very best in the network.”

When asked about his highlights of being an owner of Rygor, Paul said: “Watching Chris Taylor (Rygor’s Group Service Director) grow from a technician into where he is today, and also Sean Joyce, from being an 18-year-old technician with me at RoadRange, moving to London as a tech and developing into such a strong, dedicated and talented Manager of Rygor Heathrow, a job very few could do. There are too many to list and so many people I'm proud of; watching everybody pull together to build and grow into the nation’s largest dealer, plus of course all the awards we have won over the years. I can't finish without mentioning the relationship with my business partners Graham and Tim who have been outstanding colleagues as well as incredibly supportive friends, I can't speak highly enough of their drive, care and dedication and I'm very proud to see what we have achieved over our time as owners.”

Graham Drake joined the Rygor family business 20 years ago and has been the Group’s Finance Director for the past 17 years. In addition to being an Owner Director of the Rygor Group, Graham has also been Managing Director of Rygor Group Services since 2012.

Graham said: “When we took over the business back in 2008, it opened up many new opportunities for us, which allowed Rygor to expand. The business was proving to be a real success and almost doubling in size overnight when we acquired our Oxford, Kidderminster and then Tewkesbury branches, was a really exciting time.

“We’re a simple business – it’s all about our staff and our customers. Doing everything with integrity and the right attitude, creates a strong business. As an owner, I think one of the most important examples I look to set the team is honesty. Being open and transparent towards people, encourages them to do the same back and it engenders positive working relationships. I am incredibly proud of the Rygor business and still to this day, it makes me feel really happy to hear our team say they love working here.” Graham added.

Why Rygor?

With 11 branches throughout Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, West London, Wiltshire and Worcestershire, Rygor are a multi award winning specialist Mercedes-Benz van and truck Dealership.