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Mercedes PRO connect

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Mercedes-Benz PRO connect telematics technology is a FREE vehicle monitoring system* built within the van itself to keep your business moving more efficiently, transparently, and profitably.

Mercedes PRO connect gives Fleet Managers total transparency, allowing them to see the current and last known positions of vehicles, fuel/charge levels, servicing and maintenance requirements and so much more - so you can effectively coordinate your fleet, in real time.

Mercedes PRO connect has a vast range of features, some of which are free of charge and others that can be purchased/subscribed to at an additional cost.

Whether you have one vehicle or ten, Mercedes PRO connect is simple to use and comes as standard with our latest Sprinter and Vito vans.

Manage your vans and business straight from your phone, laptop or tablet.

Get vehicle logistics, fleet communications, maintenance management and vehicle status all at your fingertips with Mercedes PRO connect. Discover more about the range of the services included below.

At a glance, you can see whether a vehicle is due or overdue a service. By using this feature, vehicle downtime can be reduced, and servicing planned around your business.

See where your vehicles are in real time; create geofences, which inform the fleet manager if a vehicle enters or leaves a defined geographical area and create and send points-of-interest to your drivers.

Stay in contact with your fleet. Send messages, addresses and telephone numbers between the Vehicle Management Tool and the driver’s Mercedes PRO Adapter App quickly and conveniently while the vehicle is being loaded or unloaded**.

Be proactive and keep on top of maintenance to reduce costs. View your vehicles’ service status, battery, and fuel tank level and receive tailor-made offers to create more transparency and help simplify servicing.

Keep the status of your fleet at the end of your fingertips. Realtime data from your vans allows you to monitor mileage and fleet utilisation.

Ensure your Mercedes-Benz vans are being used for the right purpose with a digital list of previously made trips helping to differentiate between business trips, commutes, and private journeys.

Additional features for electric vehicles include:

Remotely check the battery levels, removing the need to go physically check the vehicle or call the driver to find out if a charge is needed for the next day.

Switch on the heater or air con remotely, using the app, and the vehicle will draw this from the mains, so it won’t deplete the battery.

Use the app to find a nearby charging point whilst on the move.

How do I install Mercedes PRO connect?

All new Mercedes-Benz Sprinters and Vitos come with Mercedes PRO connect technology already installed in the vehicle. Your sales contact will be able to set this up for you before handing your vehicle over, so you can start seeing the benefits immediately.

We’re also happy to help set up your existing vehicle. Just get in touch with one of our team today.

Find your nearest branch.

For more information about Mercedes PRO connect and the range of services available please download the brochure.

Terms and Conditions

*Mercedes PRO Connect includes a range of digital services, free for 2 years with electric vans, to help manage your vehicle. Vehicles which are set-up and activated after 1 December 2020 will not be available with the following services: Eco Monitor, Drive Style monitor, Data Interfaces, Digital Trip Management, Internet In The Van or Fleet Communication. Please check with your local Rygor Sales Representative for the full scope of services available with your vehicle.

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