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The FUSO eCanter is the world’s first fully electric truck and is the solution for economical and environmentally friendly urban deliveries. The third generation of this fully electric-powered light truck reflects the innovative research and development that has been at the core of Mercedes-Benz trucks.
The FUSO eCanter is a pioneering light duty electric truck that is dependable, manoeuvrable and completely silent. It uses the latest state-of-the-art technology to deliver outstanding performance with an impressive 185 Kw output.

What distinguishes the eCanter as a specialist:

The all-electric light truck is the first of its kind.

It is completely emission-free and almost silent.

Electric motor with a maximum torque of 380 Nm and a power rating of 115 kW (156 hp).

When moving off, the electric motor's maximum torque is already available.

Gross truck weight: 7.49 t

The chassis has a load capacity of up to 4.5 tonnes.

With a full payload, the range is above 100 kilometres.

It's a breeze to drive, and it's especially nimble.

Maintenance costs are reduced by 30%.

Fuel savings of €1000 per 10,000 km

Only 7 hours of charging time is required, with quick charging in less an hour feasible.

Can be charged using a standard 230 V power outlet

The modular battery idea can be tailored to meet specific payload and range needs.

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Charge time
80% in 1 hour
Max Torque
380 Nm
Over 3.5 tonnes

Areas of application


Offering excellent flexibility and a number of body variants, the FUSO Canter is a great choice for the construction industry. Tough on all terrain and perfect for various building sites, the Canter has twin tyres and mechanical differential lock. Its rugged frame and high chassis load capacity means it’s the perfect option for carrying an array of materials and tackling a multitude of tasks.


With exceptional manoeuvrability and compact dimensions, the Canter is a small, versatile truck that’s well suited to municipal operations throughout narrow city streets. The body-builder friendly design and robust ladder frame means there are various body solutions for implements and equipment to attach, making it ideal for several industries such as public services, horticulture, landscaping and construction. A compact choice, the Canter easily navigates narrow paths in woodlands and parks for landscaping purposes whilst easily carrying foliage and equipment. The low-bed platform also means that loading up the vehicle with ride-on mowers for example, couldn’t be simpler.

Short-haul distribution

With excellent driver visibility and heavy payload capacity, the Canter 3.5t is a fantastic option for short-haul distribution. A small but strong choice, the vehicle can tow equipment easily with a mass train weight of up to 7t and can carry up to 6 passengers in the crew cab. The compact design also means that the Canter can easily navigate crowded city streets or narrow paths for rural and urban deliveries alike.

Key Features

The low-wear and low-maintenance DUONIC® dual clutch transmission combines the convenience of an automatic with the dynamic feel of a manual transmission. Smooth changes of gear, without any interruption to tractive power, make it the perfect partner in terms of driving comfort. In addition, the ‘park’ function allows you to leave your eCanter securely parked. With the ‘creep’ function you can move your vehicle slowly and safely without the need to depress the accelerator – ideal in heavy traffic or during cautious manoeuvring.

Plenty of grip on the road, maximum braking power off it. The FUSO Canter offers excellent protection against dust and dirt as the front and rear drum brakes ensure an even level of braking with ABS and electronic brake force distribution (EBD).

As well as the cost savings from its battery-powered engine, the FUSO eCanter boasts 30% less maintenance costs in comparison to diesel engines, making it an economical choice. Customers can also benefit from potential fuel savings of €1,000 per 10,000 km depending on diesel and power prices. It avoids congestion charges in central city locations due to it being 100% emission-free, meaning the total cost of ownership is highly competitive against standard diesel and petrol truck variants.

The eCanter’s all-electric drive train, connectivity and lower maintenance costs introduce the possibility for clean, quiet and efficient inner-city distribution. With an impressive 4.5t load capacity and a powerful 156hp motor, the eCanter allows plenty of scope for whatever you need in the load area, meaning you don’t have to compromise when it comes to suitability for your business. With AC and DC charging options, the eCanter can be fully charged in 7 hours (or just one hour using fast charging) and has a full payload range of over 100km. There are also no restrictions on use in inner city zones, meaning you can be sure the eCanter will get the job done as conveniently as possible.

The forward-thinking design of the eCanter compliments its technical features. The futuristic cabin design combines functionality with comfort. Driver-orientated design comes complete with 12″ displays, push start, button shift and comfortable seating. Plus, adaptive lighting ensures a car-like ambience. Merging digitalisation and connectivity, the eCanter offers a brand-new interface and user experience. The 12″ tablet provides accurate and reliable information via the new digital instrument panel and the truck’s design makes it easy to drive and agile in inner-city streets.

The state-of-the art battery pack consists of 100 Li-ion cells delivering a maximum voltage of 420V and 13.8kWh of energy per pack and is highly adaptable to customer needs. The battery charger supports both AC and DC charging via CHAdeMO, SAE J1772 and the CCS type 2 interface globally delivering a fast charge of 80% capacity in 1hr (DC) and 9hr (AC).

Downtime is dead time to businesses. Maximise your uptime with Service24h, a free roadside emergency breakdown assistance service that is by your side 24 hours a day with an average roadside repair rate of 90%, and an average call out time of just 55 minutes.

To give you added peace of mind from the very moment you purchase your FUSO Canter, you can purchase a service contract with varying levels of cover, which can be tailored specifically to your maintenance needs.

Rygor’s famed maximised uptime ensures your Canter is assessed within 2 hours of arriving at our workshops. This speed of assessment allows us to get your truck back on the road and earning money quickly and efficiently, minimising the time vehicle’s are spent off road for your business.

Finance Options

Offering flexible funding options, Rygor are here to support you throughout your purchasing journey, working with multiple lenders to find the best option for you and your business.

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