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The Ultra Low Emission Zone – Are you ready for it?



Next year sees the introduction of a new charging system in central London which will affect all types of vehicles, including vans and trucks/lorries.

The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) could have a profound effect on the profitable running of older vehicles in and out of London and lots of our customers are asking me how this could affect them. We all know that running a fleet can be one of the biggest expenses to your business, so this new charge is something a lot of businesses are concerned about, and quite rightly so. But, we want to help our customers understand it and how their fleet could be affected.

ULEZ – what’s it all about?

The Ultra Low Emission Zone will replace the current T Charge in London, as of 8th April 2019, with the aim to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by around 40% from 2021.

Initially, the ULEZ will operate within the same area as the London Congestion Charge Zone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but it’s unlikely to stop there.

What does it mean for you?

  • When the ULEZ comes into effect, trucks with a EU5 and older engines will be subject to a daily charge of £100 – that’s on top of the congestion charge!
  • Vans and minibuses with EU5 and older engines will be charged an additional £12.50 per day
  • Essentially, this means that driving an EU5 truck into London once a week will add an additional £5,200 to your vehicle’s annual running costs – so I can understand why some of our customers have concerns
  • If you have a petrol-powered vehicle that meets the Euro 4 emissions requirements (this includes every car registered from 2006) and aren’t affected by the T-Charge, then you won’t be affected by the ULEZ.

Transport for London estimates there are 40,000 drivers whose vehicles don’t meet the minimum engine requirements and would be chargeable. Are you one of them? Find out if your vehicle will be subject to the ULEZ charge.

ULEZ London

The time to act is now to reduce your costs

With less than a year to go, only diesel vehicles meeting the latest Euro 6 regulations will be able to drive within the London zone without paying. Even if you do not currently drive in and out of London, other cities across the UK, such as Birmingham, Southampton, Derby and Nottingham are all exploring their options to adopt clean air zones, so looking to the future now is worthwhile, wherever you operate.

Investing in a new van or truck with an EU6 engine now, will pay off in the long-term as you will also benefit from efficiencies in fuel economy, longer service intervals and MOT costs, as well as avoiding paying the ULEZ.

Have your considered which vehicles you need to use to enter London? Will you need to change your fleet around or move your loads to accommodate this charge? Our team can help look at your existing fleet and plan the replacement of any vehicles in advance of this new regulation.

You could also look at cost savings in other areas. For example, you could focus on reducing your fuel costs with Predictive Powertrain Control which constantly scans the road ahead to ensure your truck is driving at its most efficient. Alternatively, use Fleetboard to maximise efficiencies across your business. Reducing your fleet’s costs will help your business absorb the ULEZ costs without affecting other services.

The time really is now to start considering your options. Our team are happy to help and you can arrange for one of them to call you at a time that suits by visiting our website here.

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