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One truck. Endless possibilities.

From the toughest terrains to the trickiest of tasks, the Unimog can take on any challenge you throw at it.

The ultimate workhorse, the Mercedes-Benz Unimog UGE provides robustness and reliability whilst the all-terrain Unimog UHE is designed to master practically every challenge.

Versatility is at the heart of the Unimog. With its high payload ability, demountable rear platform that can easily be converted to carry a wide range of options, including wood chip bins, salt spreaders, de-icer tanks, grain & seed hoppers and rear mounted mowing arms to name just a few, and its modern technology, the Unimog can perform almost every task on every terrain - no matter how remote or specialist!

Created to go anywhere and complete any job easily, new technology such as a Euro VI engine, torque tube driveline and VarioPilot mean the latest Unimog models can take on any challenge you can throw at it.

UGE Implement Carrier models
U219 - U530
UHE Off Roader models
U4023, U5023
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Areas of application


Highway maintenance demands the most exacting accuracy and efficiency, not just for the safety of operatives and road users, but also to ensure long-term cost-effectiveness. From the innovative EasyDrive synergetic traction drive system to the economical and clean BlueTec 6 engine generation, the Unimog is the perfect vehicle for municipal operations. With expert partner solutions available for verge & grass mowing, tunnel & sign washing to mounted sweepers systems and everything in between, the Unimog can be used all year round, giving maximum return on investment and reducing the need for multiple vehicles and staff.

Agriculture and forestry

The Unimog keeps farmers business’ moving and growing, all year round. Farmers require quick and efficient transport solutions, particularly with increasing costs and longer distances to cover. The Mercedes-Benz Unimog performs on the road, off-road and in the field. Capable of performing up to 89 km/h on the road, it’s one of the most versatile vehicles that will live up to day-to-day challenges, reducing the need for multiple tractors and machines.

Energy (utilities)

Britain’s electricity supply industry relies on the Mercedes-Benz Unimog not just to keep overhead lines working and the power on, but also to enable the latest ‘live line’ or ‘hot glove working’ technology. The Mercedes-Benz Unimog performs as a utility vehicle that makes light work of anything thrown at it. A professional when it comes to carrying implements, transporting, and doubling as a mobile workshop, the Unimog’s functionality supplies just what the energy sector needs.

Fire and rescue service

Born in the aftermath of World War II, the Unimog earned its stripes on the frontline. Helping to save lives with the armed forces and in disaster zones, the Unimog can get teams and equipment to emergencies quickly. It can also adapt to specialist tasks easily with customisable options, making the Unimog the ultimate multi-purpose vehicle for both fire and rescue teams.


From maintenance of overhead lines to track works, snow clearing and clearance cutting in trees or bushes, the versatile Unimog can tackle the most diverse range of tasks and is the ideal partner for both road and rail applications. Its powerful diesel engine, high-performance transmission, all-wheel drive with differential locks and a torque converter for smooth starts, allow the Unimog to haul loads of up to 1,000 tonnes on track.


To stop delays and disruption, airport maintenance teams need to get their job done quickly and safely. From clearing runways of snow to removing rubber from touchdown zones, the Unimog UGE implement carrier’s multi-purpose abilities mean it can take on any task with ease, all year round.


To work in the construction industry, you must be tough – and the Unimog is one of the toughest, most reliable and versatile partners for any business! No matter the ground conditions or weather, the Unimog provides the power to get you where you need to be. With its three attachment areas, high payloads, and panoramic cab, it is ready to take on any construction task.


For your next adventure there’s no better travel companion than the Unimog. Like you, the Unimog loves to head off the beaten track and have fun in the most extreme environments. With lots of custom options available, you can create a truly unique vehicle thats suited to your travel needs.


  • Unimog UGE Implement Carrier Model Landscape Image
    Unimog UGE Implement Carrier – U 219 – U 530

    The Unimog Implement Carrier is a strong and reliable multi-tasker that can adapt to any job easily. The Unimog U 219 – U 530 models are built to get jobs done quickly and efficiently; from moving up to 40 tonnes of equipment to trimming roadside hedges and clearing snow on remote roads. A truly multi-purpose vehicle with the robustness, reliability and versatility to suit any business – whatever the task.

  • Unimog UHE the Extreme Off Roader Landscape Image 1200 x 1200
    Unimog UHE The Extreme Off-Roader – U 4023 - U 5023

    The Mercedes-Benz UHE models can take on any terrain and have been built to tackle any challenge. Its all-wheel drive and flexible frame can get you, your gear and team to the most remote locations, even in the most extreme conditions. The Unimog U 4023 / U 5023 is tough enough to get over any terrain so you can focus it on getting the job done, making it the ideal team member for your business – whatever the challenge.

Key Features

The short nose of the Unimog and its large-scale panoramic glazing reduces the drivers’ blind spots and provides much greater visibility, particularly advantageous when driving off-road.

VarioPilot transferrable steering, which is optionally available, ensures drivers always have the best possible seating position.

The system comprises a front-mounted and rear-mounted camera, as well as a freely-positionable additional camera for mounted implements. The camera images are shown on a monitor in the interior. As a result, the driver also has a view of the areas around the vehicle, as well as a perfect view of the front mounting plate when swapping implements.

The Unimog engine is equipped with the most modern Mercedes-Benz BlueTec 6 technology. The Euro VI engine generation sets new standards, with the 4 and 6-cylinder engines ranging from 115 to 220 kW, and are especially easy to maintain, economical, smooth-running, and powerful.

The fully synchronised electro-pneumatic transmission with its eight forward and size reverse gears provides the tractive power needed in the most extreme of tasks. The synchronised Electronic Quick Reverse feature makes it easier to change direction quickly whilst its two drive programmes (automatic and manual) help reduce the driver’s workload.

Downtime is dead time to businesses. Wherever you are and whatever the time of day, or night, one call to the Service 24h hotline will despatch a qualified Mercedes-Benz Technician to identify the fault and get your vehicle back on the road, with minimal delay.

Our repair and maintenance packages (R&M) will allow you to manage downtime and cash-flow, avoiding unexpected repair and maintenance costs. These can be built into the cost of your Unimog so you can manage your cashflow as easily as possible.

Rygor’s maximised uptime ensures your truck is assessed within 2 hours of arriving at one of our workshops, meaning you can rest assured that we’ll prioritise the repair of your truck to get you back on the road.

Unimog testimonial Acorn Environmental
“The truck is superb on rough ground, of course, but unlike a tractor, it’s also capable of achieving on-road speeds of 56 mph. As a result, when we need more water for the hydroseeder’s 700-gallon tank we can just exit the traffic management area and travel back to the source at the main depot to refill.”” Kevin O’Rourke, Managing Director at Acorn Environmental
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Unimog U530 Fletcher Access 56 1024x712
“The truck’s all-terrain capability is an obvious benefit – we regularly deliver our machines down narrow lanes, where its all-wheel drive system means we’ll never get stuck on a verge or the edge of a field.

What’s really surprised me, though, is its on road performance. With 300 hp on tap, the Unimog simply flies up the hills, no problem. The engine brake also saves wear and tear on the trailer brakes, as well as those of the truck itself, which is another advantage” Simon Fletcher at Fletcher Access
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