FUSO eCanter Electric Truck Box
FUSO eCanter The First Of Its Kind All-Electric Light Truck Discover More With Rygor Commercials
FUSO eCanter

FUSO eCanter

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The FUSO eCanter is the world’s first fully electric truck and is the solution for economical and environmentally friendly urban deliveries. The third generation of this fully electric-powered light truck reflects the innovative research and development that has been at the core of Mercedes-Benz trucks.

The FUSO eCanter is a pioneering light duty electric truck that is dependable, manoeuvrable and completely silent. It uses the latest state-of-the-art technology to deliver outstanding performance with an impressive 185 Kw output.

What distinguishes the eCanter as a specialist:​​

  • The all-electric light truck is the first of its kind.
  • It is completely emission-free and almost silent.
  • Electric motor with a maximum torque of 380 Nm and a power rating of 115 kW (156 hp).
  • When moving off, the electric motor's maximum torque is already available.
  • Gross truck weight: 7.49 t
  • The chassis has a load capacity of up to 4.5 tonnes.

  • With a full payload, the range is above 100 kilometres.
  • It's a breeze to drive, and it's especially nimble.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced by 30%.
  • Fuel savings of €1000 per 10,000 km
  • Only 7 hours of charging time is required, with quick charging in less an hour feasible.
  • Can be charged using a standard 230 V power outlet
  • The modular battery idea can be tailored to meet specific payload and range needs.

New FUSO eCanter Box Truck

Silent Citywide Deliveries

The eCanter is perfect for inner-city delivery and transportation businesses. The torque of the electric motor enables smooth stop-start driving and as it’s an electric vehicle, clutch and gear shifts are no longer needed. Plus, as the eCanter runs silently with zero emissions, it is suited to night time and early morning operations in city areas.

Powered by Electricity

Drivers will not find themselves short on power, as performance is superior to diesel engines in its class. The electric motor generates immense torque that enhances driving comfort and efficiency.

Take A Look Inside The Cab

New FUSO eCanter Dashboard
Fuso eCanter Cab
FUSO eCanter Steering Wheel
    Convenience The FUSO Canter is designed with a robust and flexible ladder-type frame, which allows the attachment of a range of bodies, specific to your required application. The load compartment is also lower than many competitor models, making loading/unloading even easier. What’s more, the cab is also ergonomically arranged to ensure all of the important functions are easy to reach, further enhancing convenience for the driver.
    Repair & Maintenance Our repair and maintenance packages (R&M) will allow you to manage downtime and cash-flow, avoiding unexpected repair and maintenance costs by paying for them monthly.
    Maximised Uptime Rygor’s famed maximised uptime ensures your truck is assessed within 2 hours of arriving at our workshops. This speed of assessment allows us to get your vehicle back on the road and earning money quickly and efficiently.