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Rygor Auto Fuso Canter Servicing, Repairs & Parts Canter is engineered for phenomenal reliability and as part of the the FUSO and Mercedes-Benz network, Rygor is there to provide support when you need it.

FUSO Canter Servicing, Repairs and Parts

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Canter is engineered for phenomenal reliability and as part of the the FUSO and Mercedes-Benz network, Rygor Auto is there to provide support when you need it.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service through service packages and genuine parts and accessories.

With extended opening hours we can get you and your Canter back on the road in no time!

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Rygor Fuso Canter Service and Repair

Why Service Your Fuso Canter with Rygor Auto

  • A network of dedicated FUSO authorised repairers, with extended opening hours
  • Advanced workshop equipment and diagnostic technology, enabling us to quickly identify any problems
  • Professionally trained technicians that are specialised in servicing FUSO Trucks and backed up by a specialist team of technicians at Mercedes-Benz Trucks Head Office
  • Prompt roadside support available 24/7 from our skilfully trained Service24h technicians
  • Worldwide logistics network dedicated to ensuring parts availability
  • Parts which are expertly engineered to fit your vehicle, with patented technology and carefully selected materials
  • A year’s guarantee on all parts and associated labour
Fuso Canter Engine Gearbox Service Repair

Complete Service Contract

Payable in fixed monthly instalments, the comprehensive package covers all workshop jobs (including wear parts) from the scheduling of appointments to the verification of invoices. Your vehicle is always ready for use as scheduled and the costs are safely under control.

With a Complete Service Contract you also benefit from our Zero Tolerance on Downtime promise which provides you with roadside assistance and recovery 24 hours a day. A free replacement vehicle is provided if yours isn’t fixed within 24 hours.

Parts and accessories

Expertly engineered for your vehicle, you can be sure that FUSO genuine parts will offer a perfect fit first time, getting you back on the road faster. Plus, a year’s warranty is included on all parts, including the labour costs of fitting.

Our extensive range of accessories enable you to make the most of your FUSO Canter. From accessories that improve your vehicle’s aerodynamics, safety and comfort, to merchandise to suit your personal style, we have the perfect accessories for you.

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