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The Mercedes-Benz Quality Mercedes-Benz Genuine Truck Parts As The UK’s Largest Mercedes-Benz Commercial Dealer, You Can Be Sure Rygor Use And Sell Genuine Parts That Meet The Mercedes-Benz Requirements For Safety, Economy and Environmental Protection.

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Truck Parts

Guaranteed quality and reliability.

Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts are specially developed and tested, with the latest advancements in development in addition to being subjected to constant quality control. This is reliability that you can depend on. The precise shape makes installation easy without the need for rework. All genuine parts meet Mercedes-Benz requirements for safety, economy and environmental protection.

A worldwide warranty applies to Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts, and long-term availability is guaranteed – including beyond the series production period. Replacement times are fast – regardless of where in the world you currently need your parts.

More than 100 years of experience in vehicle and parts manufacturing stand behind this commitment to quality.

As the UK’s largest Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle Dealer, you can be sure Rygor fit and sell Genuine Parts that meet the Mercedes-Benz requirements for safety, economy and environmental protection. Above all else, you can be sure Rygor supply only the very best for your trucks and your business.

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Mercedes-Benz Genuine Truck Parts

Advantages at a glance.

  • Always featuring the latest advancements in development
  • Constant quality control through continuous material and function testing
  • Compliance with manufacturer's specifications for safety, economy and environmental protection
  • Specially adapted to vehicle-specific use conditions
  • Entire product range from a single source
  • Long-term availability guaranteed after series production period

Focus on quality.

Outstanding handling. For an outstanding driving experience.

Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts offer the best value retention, highest level of quality, durability and availability. Mercedes-Benz parts are the result of more than 100 years of experience in vehicle and parts manufacturing.

Mercedes-Benz Truck Parts Genuine

Part identification and packaging

Only Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts are labelled with the registered Daimler trademark (design/word mark) and the item number as a unqiue identifier.

Even the packaging can help you identify Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts: by the applied part number label, by the Daimler trademark (design / work mark) and by the writing "Mercedes-Benz Original-Teile Geprüfte Qualität" and "Mercecdes-Benz GenuineParts Quality & Value".

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Engine Oil

Genuine. Special. Optimum.

Mercedes-Benz genuine oil is the best lubricant for a Mercedes-Benz engine, since that is precisely what it was developed for. The advantage: the detailed knowledge of engine designers is incorporated in the oil manufacturing process. The result: an oil that fully meets the requirements of a Mercedes-Benz.

Summertime. Wintertime. Any time.

Whether temperatures are extremely hot or cold – Mercedes-Benz genuine oil reduces friction in the engine and maximises your engine's service life. Its excellent flow and lubricating properties are retained even under high thermal loads or heavy frost.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Genuine Engine Oil

High quality. Long-lasting. Efficient.

Only high-quality base oils and a high proportion of additives are used to produce Mercedes-Benz genuine oil. The high quality of the Mercedes-Benz engine oil ingredients signifies reliability, longevity and infrequent oil changes.

Low friction. Low fuel consumption. Reduced emissions.

The continuously reduced friction and the interaction between the Mercedes-Benz engine oil and your vehicle's sophisticated exhaust gas aftertreatment systems can make the best use of your engine's potential while at the same time reduce fuel costs and pollutant emissions.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Tyres

Mercedes-Benz Original Tyres

Success comes full circle.

Take advantage of the tyre service offered by a great number of Mercedes-Benz service shops. The selection includes brand-name tyres for all applications and tasks – from long-distance haulage to construction sites, distributors to low loaders, from energy saving tyres to retreading. Having tyres professionally fitted by trained employees lets you focus on your core business.

Lower your operating costs by reducing downtimes and benefit from extended hours at all of Rygor’s Mercedes-Benz workshops

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