New Mercedes-Benz Actros L Truck
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The New Actros L

Mercedes-Benz Actros

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The latest Mercedes-Benz Actros is the most advanced truck on the road, a game changer for long-distance and heavy-duty distribution haulage. Featuring pioneering innovations, designed to take your business to the next level. This truck was built with enhanced efficiency, unique driver comfort and reliability in mind. The new Actros has to be seen to be believed.

Axle configurations

4x2, 6x2, 6x2 /2

Cab widths

2300mm or 2500mm

Gross weight

18 - 40 tonnes

Max torque

3000 Nm
Mercedes-Benz Actros Active Brake Assist

Greater safety.

Our trucks prioritise safety. Protecting drivers, vehicles and other road users – the Actros comes with a wide range of safety components as standard equipment. Digital assistants don't relieve the driver of responsibility, but can effectively support him/her in critical situations. Example Active Brake Assist 5*^: The vehicle can fully apply the brakes in response to stationary and moving objects in certain situations. It also comes with Lane Keep Assist^, Stability Control Assist^, Attention Assist^ and other digital assists such as MirrorCam†‡^.

A particularly dangerous situation is turning left in an urban location: here, within the system limits, the optional Active Sideguard Assist^†** can warn the driver in certain situations and even trigger automatic braking.

*Standard for vehicles where an advanced emergency braking system is a legal requirement.

^Within system limits and in certain situations, assistance systems can assist the driver in the driving task. However, the responsibility for driving the vehicle safely remains entirely with the driver.

†Optional equipment.

‡Not for vehicles with the ADR categories EX111, FL.

**In conjunction with three-part wing

Mercedes-Benz Actros Truck Bed Sleeper Cab


Work better, drive better, live better. The Actros shows you how.

The inside of the Actros is a constant source of fresh motivation for the difficult job of long-distance haulage and heavy-duty distribution haulage, whether on the go and during pauses.

Luxury isn't the only thing that counts when it comes to comfort. It's our response to the need for greater standards in long-distance and heavy-duty distribution haulage, as well as more comfortable working and driving conditions.

The Actros provides the mobile living space and bedroom you need for long-distance haulage, thanks to its incredibly comfortable beds.


The Actros stands for reliable, fuel-saving vehicle technology, lower costs and higher profitability. In short: greater efficiency.

Your overall expenditures will be reduced if you reduce your fuel consumption. With this in mind, we've done everything we can to make the Actros' fuel consumption as low as possible. Our trucks are very cost-effective vehicles that you can use.

Vehicle utilisation, vehicle capacity, and the efficiency of your logistical processes can all be improved thanks to intelligent networking between the vehicle, Mercedes-Benz Service, and your business.

Truck Usage

Long Distance

Experience the new Actros, the future of long-distance haulage with enhanced efficiency, reliability, safety and ultimate driver comfort. The impressive interior design of the new Actros creates an ideal space for both working and living. What’s more, with a total of eleven cab variants, the new Actros ensures excellent working, living and sleeping comfort for long distance haulage.

Features Includes:​

  • Greater safety with Active Brake Assist 5, Stability Control Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Attention Assist and follow-me-home lighting
  • Active Drive Assist for improved driving comfort and efficiency
  • Fuel-saving drive features
  • Proximity Control Assist with stop-and-go function, Cornering Assist, Sideguard Assist, electronic parking brake with HOLD function and Trailer Stability Assist
  • MirrorCam technology, for enhanced visibility and safety

  • Automatic main beam/dipped beam/cornering lights, LED daytime running lamps, LED tail lamps, Bi-xenon headlamps, front fog lamps and rain sensors
  • An extensive range of stowage options on board, plus optional extras including a refrigerator and folding table for your co-driver
  • Ultimate driver comfort with comfortable beds measuring up to 2,200mm in length and 750mm in width
  • Plus, optional ExtraLine and GigaSpace upgrade available


Featuring pioneering technologies and market leading intelligence systems, the new Actros expertly supports drivers in the heavy-duty distribution haulage sector. With six variants to choose from, the Actros is able to offer just the right cab to support efficient working and easy handling in the distribution sector from 18 tonnes. Speak to our team today to find the perfect solution for you.

Features Includes:

  • The Multimedia Cockpit and multifunction steering wheel with touch control buttons
  • MirrorCam and an electronic parking brake for driver comfort and ease
  • Optional Active Drive Assist to support the drivers workload and enhance driving safety
  • A smart Multi-Touch display in the dashboard
  • Intelligently connected Mercedes-Benz truck navigation system featuring Traffic Sign Assist, Live Traffic Information and helpful route suggestions.
  • Innovative, convenient central locking system
  • Multiple seating options and adjustments helping to ensure occupant is comfortable and safe
    MirrorCam An impressive alternative to conventional mirrors, the new Actros is fitted with MirrorCam2 technology. In addition, MirrorCam improves safety by automatically panning the camera image when manouvering, turning corners or changing lanes. Regular mirrors are also available
    Enhanced Predictive Powertrain Control Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) could reduce your fuel bill by up to 5% as it automatically integrates a driving style optimised for the course of the road, taking gradients, junctions, and roundabouts into consideration. Its latest function now also allows it to be used on A and B roads, as well as motorways.
    Multimedia Cockpit One of the most innovative new additions to the dashboard area of the new Actros is a high-resolution 26cm (10.25-inch) colour display, giving a clear overview of all driving and vehicle information. It is supplemented by the multi-touch display in the same size on the dashboard, aligning it to the sophistication of a Mercedes-Benz car.