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An innovative, special-purpose truck that combines versatility, ergonomics and convenience like virtually no other commercial vehicle – the Mercedes-Benz Econic is in a class of its own.

With a unique, low-entry design and great all-round visibility, the Econic combines comfort, safety, environmental compatibility, and uncompromising commitment, making it the perfect inner city truck. It offers sustainable solutions to growing urban areas, meeting the Euro VI emissions standards, and the diesel engine provides the lowest possible fuel consumption.

Good work begins with a great working environment. That is precisely how the Econic was created.

A low or a high cab is available. Natural gas or diesel. There are four different axles and wheelbases to choose from. For every sector of application, the Econic has the perfect answer.

The Econic is ahead of its time, whether it's for municipal operations, garbage collection, short-radius distribution, or a variety of other uses.

Gross weight
18 - 32 tonnes
From 3450mm to 5700mm
Engine power outputs
220 or 260 kW
Max torque
1200 Nm
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Areas of Application

Light-duty distribution haulage

Specialist tasks are the norm for the Econic and it’s perfect municipal lorry for inner city distribution. With its Direct Vision cab, low-entry for ease of entry and exit and its quiet engine, the Mercedes-Benz Econic is perfect for short-distance distribution in crowded city streets.
Features include:
  • Cab - The Econic is perfect for frequent stops as the cab is specifically designed with a low-entry concept. Both practical and safe, the walk-through cab enables the driver to conveniently enter and exit the cab from the traffic-free side of the road, and controls for the body can also be integrated with ease into the cockpit for ultimate convenience.
  • Direct view - The DirectVision cab gives a wider field of vision, meaning the greatest possible view. The low positioning of the driver’s seat means that it is at eye level with other road users such as pedestrians and cyclists and the glazed folding door means there is a clear view of pavements, a particular advantage in busy cities. All these features have contributed to the Mercedes-Benz Econic achieving a 5* Direct Vision Standard rating in London.

Fire and rescue

Every second counts when it comes to fire and rescue, and the Econic wastes no time. Agile manoeuvrability in traffic and low-entry and wide opening doors make for rapid entry and exit.
Features include:
  • Low Entry Concept - Even when carrying heavy equipment, low-entry concept in the Mercedes-Benz Econic makes for safe and speedy access.
  • Bodybuilder-Friendly Frame - The bodybuilder-friendly low frame concept means there is comprehensive scope of essential operations such as water tenders, turntable ladders and aerial rescue platforms.

Construction site transport

Already meeting tomorrows safety standards today, the Econic is an efficient and safe vehicle for a construction site.
Direct Vision
  • The panoramic wind-screen means that there is a direct view of traffic and the construction site, minimising the possibility of accidents, an excellent feature for transporting materials during inner-city routes. The Econic truck is just as diverse as the building trade itself.


Seamlessly fitting into the ground support team, the Econic can fit under most aircraft wings from the Boeing 737 to the Airbus A380, and thanks to the standard automatic transmission the driver can concentrate on their surroundings. From aeroplanes to vehicles and employees, the panoramic glazing and reversing camera display means the driver can keep everything in sight.

Public Service Sector

The Econic truck has been designed for complete ease with the driver and the town in mind. The modern cockpit and cab floor means moving around in the Econic is comfortable and safe, with enough room for up to four people easily. Panoramic glazing and intelligent safety assistant systems such as a reversing camera display built into the dash means the Econic is a safe option even during rush hour and manoeuvring in tight streets. With just one step to enter and exit the cab, fast unloading of bins and containers has never been easier.

Key Features

Featured as standard, Active Brake Assist visually and audibly warns the driver of a potential collision through the sensor system. If the driver fails to respond, the vehicle will perform automatic partial braking combined with activation of the hazard lights.

Supporting the driver in maintaining a set speed, Adaptive Cruise Control maintains a pre-determined distance to the vehicle infront and can help to reduce the risk of collision.

The Econic’s Blind Spot Camera system offers the driver enhanced visibility due to the four cameras that are installed around the vehicle. An automated display is integrated in the cockpit.

The Econic’s cab set-up allows the driver to see other road users at eye level, giving a great view of the surrounding roads and pavements from all angles. Compared to regular trucks, this is one of the best for driver visibility, making it safer in crowded city streets.

Detecting people on the co-driver's side and issuing an audible and visual signal to the driver, Sideguard Assist is an advanced safety system, particularly when it comes to preventing accidents in inner-city environments.

The Econic truck is available in two engine variants - diesel and gas. The modern 6-cylinder diesel engines fitted to the Econic ensure that emissions and nitrous oxides are reduced to a minimum. Especially environmentally friendly, the Econic can be fitted with a gas engine as an alternative. Extremely quiet, it falls below the legal decibel requirements and the gas tanks are made of weight-optimised steel-composite, allowing for increased payload. Combustion of natural gas also produces approximately 20% less carbon dioxide, meaning it’s perfectly suited for inner-city congestion/environmental zones.

Intelligent transmission technologies ensure smooth and efficient driving. Depending on the operation, the Econic is available in either a fully automatic 6-speed transmission, or a semi-automated PowerShift transmission, which makes it perfectly adaptable for use in urban traffic.

Downtime is dead time to businesses. Wherever you are and whatever the time of day, or night, one call to the Service 24h hotline will despatch a qualified Mercedes-Benz Technician to identify the fault and get your vehicle back on the road, with minimal delay.

Our repair and maintenance packages (R&M) will allow you to manage downtime and cash-flow, avoiding unexpected repair and maintenance costs.

Rygor’s maximised uptime ensures your truck is assessed within 2 hours of arriving at one of our workshops, meaning you can rest assured that we’ll prioritise the repair of your truck to get you back on the road.

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“Our experience over more than a decade confirms that the Econic is simply the best vehicle for the job. Like all Mercedes-Benz trucks, it’s well-built, reliable and cost-effective to operate.

Just as importantly, the Econic leads the field in terms of safety, and is very popular with our crews. The opinions of front-line colleagues are key to Amey’s vehicle procurement strategy, and the low-entry Mercedes-Benz scores particularly highly in terms of cab space and comfort.” Jason Clement, Amey
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