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Power. Robustness. Efficiency. The Mercedes-Benz Arocs is a true force to be reckoned with. Powerful on or off road, the Arocs’ highly customisable body, power, and all-wheel drive were built to master the tasks of the construction industry. Whether it’s a semi-trailer tractor, rigid vehicle, concrete mixer, or heavy-duty truck, the Arocs renowned robustness and versatility offers a perfect fit for many different sectors, no matter what the task.

What’s more, the Arocs’ cabs boast impressive practicality, comfort, and handling in all typical applications. With its 2,300 mm wide cab, the Arocs offers excellent visibility, with the ergonomic layout of the controls making work easier. Discover an array of storage spaces on offer across all four available cabs, allowing you to choose the best fit for you and your business.

The ruggedness and payload capacity of the Arocs are already apparent in the practical cabs. Both the athletic, forceful design and the sturdy, extremely resistant cab bodyshell.

What belongs together is brought together: Low overall expenses are combined with high levels of safety and vehicle use to create RoadEfficiency. To improve transportation efficiency even more.

Gross weight
18 - 41 tonnes
Cab widths
2300mm or 2500mm
Axle load compensation
8 x 6 or 8 x 8
Max torque
3000 Nm
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Body Types


The rigid Arocs is a true force to be reckoned with. Designed from the ground up to provide a reliable, high-torque, flexible drive configuration with frame and suspension configurations designed to work both on and off road – the Arocs delivers everything that working life demands of it. A robust design is not all that the Arocs provides though, with outstanding reliability and low running costs, this truck is economical, resilient, and versatile – ideal for the construction industry, emergency services, quarries and many more industries, including:
  • Local authorities
  • Government agencies
  • Quarries
  • Construction companies
  • Cement companies


Designed to provide high payloads, outstanding reliability and low running costs, the Arocs tractor unit is economical, tough and adaptable – ideal for heavy haulage applications for the construction industry. The off-road focussed Arocs offers a high strength, flexible frame to give traction on difficult terrains. A width of 744mm and 8 or 9mm fine grained high strength steel guarantee a chassis designed to perform – and to last. What’s more, the new Arocs (rated at 18 to 41 tonnes) now features MirrorCam for improved visibility and greater safety.


  • Classic Space M Cab Portrait 1180px x 1180px

    Available with engine tunnels of both 320 mm and 170 mm the CompactSpace M-cabs are characterised by their low roof and minimal overall height, offering maximum flexibility for many mission-specific operations, and ideal for concrete pumps. Along with this, they offer easy access, high levels of interior comfort and excellent visibility, with the option of a fold down occasional bunk where required.

  • Classic Space S Cab Portrait 1180px x 1180px

    Available as S-, M- and L-Cabs with engine tunnels of 320mm and 170mm, plus an L-Cab version with flat floor, ClassicSpace cabs are offer lightness, easy access, compact exterior dimensions, excellent visibility and driver comforts. The standard roof height provides an excellent working environment whilst retaining a low overall vehicle height, and access to the tightest of spaces.

  • Stream Space L Cab Portrait 1180px x 1180px

    Designed with comfort and economy in mind, the StreamSpace cabs make the most of their aerodynamic shape. Available in two widths – 2500 mm wide with a flat floor, or 2300 mm wide with 320 mm or 170 mm engine tunnel and available with a flat floor, unique to Mercedes-Benz in a 2300 mm wide package. StreamSpace cabs offer a large amount of space and ease of access alongside the option of two beds or a second row of seats.

  • Big Space L Cab Portrait 1180px x 1180px

    The 2500 mm wide BigSpace cab offers almost 2 metres of headroom and exceptional living and storage space. Providing a comfortable environment for long periods in applications with an on-road bias, the BigSpace cab offers a home away from home. A wide range of options are available to aid productivity and safety, whilst retaining the same ergonomic yet rugged design as the smaller cabs in the range.

Key Features

The most advanced braking system on the market assists the driver by performing emergency braking when approaching stationary and moving objects. Active Brake Assist 51 can achieve partial or full braking for moving pedestrians in certain conditions thus mitigating, or even preventing accidents entirely.

For improved visibility and greater safety, the camera system aids the driver in assessing the traffic behind them. The respective screen shows tracking and distance indicator lines as soon as they switch on the indicator at a speed greater than 30 kilometres per hour.

This aid monitors driving style to assess whether the attention of the driver is starting to wane and alerts them.

Detecting people on the co-driver's side and issuing an audible and visual signal to the driver, Sideguard Assist2 is an advanced safety system, particularly when it comes to preventing accidents in inner-city environments.

This safety system warns the driver when the vehicle is drifting out of its designated lane by monitoring the distance from the lane markings.

This technologically advanced safety system identifies potentially dangerous driving situations, such as skidding or swerving, and does its best to counteract these.

The interactive Multimedia Cockpit takes driver ergonomics to another level. The central display boasts a 30.5cm (12.3 inches) screen with the choice of two designs, a navigation system, Traffic Sign Assist and Remote Online for the control of various vehicle functions via your smartphone.

This enhanced braking system improves safety and reduces wear by braking each wheel individually, making the most of the available grip and minimising stopping distances.

Fitted to all-wheel-drive vehicles as standard, allowing you to switch off the system in deep sand, mud or snow, so you can manage your braking reactions no matter what the terrain.

An optional extra, tyre pressure monitoring wirelessly monitors the air pressure of all tyres on both truck and trailer, reducing the risk of blowouts or sudden deflation, ultimately saving you money.

Optimised to reduce wind resistance and built with a Euro VI engine, the Arocs benefits from a low level of aerodynamic drag, reducing fuel consumption and ultimately reducing running costs to your business.

All Euro VI engines boast low fuel consumption whilst supporting combustion with low particulate emissions. The particularly long-lived 6-cylinder in-line engines of the Arocs fully cover all performance requirements in construction transport. For optimum job matching, the fuel-efficient Euro VI engines are available in the four displacement classes 7.7l, 10.7l, 12.8l and 15.6l.

The automated gearshift boasts precise gear selection, short shift times, high driving comfort and a very high level of economic efficiency. Additional functions such as the direct shifting from forward to reverse, the rocking mode and fast reversing along with the crawl function make for simple manoeuvring and make driving in construction transport easier.

An asset in tailoring the truck to its given tasks, the sensor identifies gradients and prevents upshifting. The broad torque range enables gears to be held for longer in off-road terrain, reducing the number of shift operations and thereby saves wear on the clutch and transmission.

This system, now fitted as standard in the new Arocs, provides a simple means of saving even more fuel. The system integrates an additional mode into the automatic transmission system that adapts to the topography of the road ahead enabling fuel savings of up to 5% in conjunction with the precisely matched driving strategy.

Loading capacity and robustness come as standard with the Mercedes-Benz Arocs. Features include different, application-specific frames for use both on construction sites or off-road, as well as on the road, and 4-bellows air suspension for optimised driving dynamics and ride comfort. 8x6 and 8x8 vehicles are available with axle load compensation for reduced wear and better handling in off-road use.

Fleetboard's next generation advanced telematics solutions help maximise the utilisation, capacity and fuel efficiency of your fleet, providing you with clear visibility of your trucks anywhere and at any time.

Downtime is dead time to businesses. Wherever you are and whatever the time of day, or night, one call to the Service 24h hotline will connect you to the Customer Assistance Centre who will despatch a qualified Mercedes-Benz Technician to identify the fault and get your vehicle back on the road with minimal delay. Service 24h is included as standard with all new Mercedes-Benz trucks.

Our repair and maintenance packages (R&M) allow you to manage downtime and cash-flow, avoiding unexpected repair and maintenance costs by paying for them monthly.

Rygor’s famed maximised uptime ensures your truck is assessed within 2 hours of it arriving at our workshops. This speed of assessment allows us to get your vehicle back on the road and earning money quickly and efficiently.

Ward l and Ford HC Haulage 3 1024x680
“The Arocs is a great truck and we’re particularly pleased with the new one. I’m a bit ‘old school’ but I drove one of Rygor’s demonstrators with MirrorCam and really liked the system. The greatly improved visibility it offers must contribute to increased safety.” H&C Haulage
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2017 Mercedes-Benz Actros 2545LS Big Space Cab

  • Diesel
  • Automatic
  • White
  • 580,000
  • YA17NFF
£45,995 +VAT
Approved Used

2017 Mercedes Benz Actros 2545LS Stream Space Cab (ref 17SVX)

  • Diesel
  • Automatic
  • White
  • 600,871
  • AY17SVX
£45,000 +VAT
Approved Used
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Mercedes-Benz 2019 Unimog U530 - Low Mileage Ex Demonstration

  • Diesel
  • Automatic
  • White
  • 2,000
  • WX69CJJ
£185,000 +VAT
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Terms and Conditions

1Standard for vehicles where an advanced emergency braking system is a legal requirement.

2Available for 4x2 LS and 6x2 L and for Arocs (left-hand drive) 4x2, 6x2, 6x4 rigids and 4x2, 6x2, 6x4 tractor units. In conjunction with tank size 650 mm x 700 mm. In conjunction with three-part wing. Only for tractor units and rigids with air-sprung rear axle. Not for right-hand drive vehicles. Not for 4-axle vehicles. Not for tractor units with leading axle.

*Standard for L-cabs, otherwise optional extra.

**Not available on all models. Certain failures cannot be detected by Mercedes-Benz Uptime. This is the case, for example, where the failure cannot be technically predicted (e.g. mechanical failure of a spring)

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