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Wednesday 4th December 2019 Lambourn Racehorse Transport

  As the proud holder of a royal warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Lambourn Racehorse Transport has long experience of working with some of the finest thoroughbreds – which helps to explain why its truck fleet is dominated…

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The Future Is Electric

Monday 28th October 2019

Keep up to date with eNews Electric eVans Drive the electric future. Contributing to a cleaner world and saving money in the process, the all new electric Mercedes-Benz vans are soon to be available. Van drivers don't need a new…

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Mercedes-Benz Citan


Robust, flexible and cost-effective, the Citan van is an urban delivery van for tradespeople and business owners which has been specifically tailored to face the challenges of everyday urban traffic.

Looking for style, sleekness and fuel efficiency? Look no further than the versatile Mercedes-Benz Citan. Boasting great running costs and manoeuvrability, it’s a small, but mighty van. Whether you are looking for a lifestyle or business vehicle, with the Citan it’s style and substance all the way.

There’s a Mercedes-Benz Citan for everyone

Available in three lengths and with a large load compartment yet compact exterior dimensions, great agility, manoeuvrability and low operating cost – with a range of efficient engines offering fuel consumption of up to 65.7 mpg – the Citan is the perfect business partner for city streets.

Create your Citan

Citan range

Citan panel van

Panel van

Comfort, agility and low running costs come as standard with the Citan panel van. Available in three vehicle lengths, three different wheelbases and three different loading lengths, you can find the one that fits you perfectly – with the largest option holding up to 3.8m³ / 810kg.

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Citan Tourer


The Citan Tourer is designed for individuals that want to get more out their business and leisure. With comfortable seating for up to 7 people if you opt for the Extra-Long model with an additional load capacity of 300 litres, whatever you’re carrying, do it cost-effectively with the Citan Tourer.

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Citan crew van

Crew van

People. Cargo. People and cargo. The Mercedes-Benz Citan crew van is designed to deliver maximum flexibility for your business, with comfortable seating for 5 people and a maximum load capacity of 3.7m³ / 755kg.

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Citan Sport


The Citan Sport builds on the comfort and practicality of the Citan panel van. Available only in Long length, the Sport model comes with a range of enhanced styling and comfort features to make doing business a genuine pleasure.

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Find out what made the Citan the leader of the pack with this dog specialist company.

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Auto Components

Owner of Auto Components Westbury Ltd. tells us why he loves Citan and Vito vans and why he chooses Rygor.

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G Molloy & Sons

Family run business G Molloy & Sons travel up and down the country in their Mercedes-Benz Citan.

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At Rygor we understand your safety is paramount. The Citan offers industry-leading safety features, including ADAPTIVE ESP® (Electronic Stability Program), Brake Assist and ABS fitted as standard. With short stopping distances and excellent response in wet conditions, you can have complete peace of mind with the Citan.

Adaptive ESP

ADAPTIVE ESP® is an innovative handling dynamics control system that supports drivers in critical driving conditions by improving the vehicle’s directional stability taking its load into account. It actively intervenes in dangerous driving situations – such as impending risk of skidding – by applying a specific braking force to wheels, adjusting engine power output to suit the situation and even dries the brake pads in wet conditions.

ADAPTIVE ESP® combines functions of the anti-lock braking system (ABS), acceleration skid control (ASR), electronic brake force distribution (EBD), Brake Assist, Rollover mitigation systems and the Start-off Assist system.


The Citan comes with driver’s airbag as standard, while passenger airbag and thoraxbags are optional extras.

Thoraxbags are positioned in the backrests and offer the driver and passenger enhanced torso protection in a side impact, the airbag deploys in hundredths of a second, protecting against injuries to the torso, before immediately deflating to allow easy exit or access by emergency services.

Light and rain sensor – for a clear view on things

Stay safer in a van that’s actively looking out for you. The optional light and rain sensor automatically modifies the lights and wiper frequency to the light and the weather conditions.

As dusk is falling, or when entering a tunnel, the vehicle lights switch on automatically, while the first drops of rain activate the wipers, with speed intelligently adjusting to the intensity of the downpour.


Parking sensor – for ultimate city manoeuvrability

Bumps and dings increase the cost of motoring – and if left, negatively affect perceptions of your business. The optional acoustic reversing aid with distance sensor makes very precise manoeuvring possible, facilitating parking in tight spots and helping to avoid potentially costly vehicle damage.

The system, which operates on the echo sounding principle, alerts the driver when it recognises that space is becoming tight behind the vehicle, with a sound that becomes progressively louder as the obstacle gets closer.

Citan interior


It’s what’s on the inside that counts, and the Citan interior combines comfort with practicality to produce ideal driving conditions. The ergonomic design partnered with plenty of functional stowage space makes this one versatile van.

Driving Experience

Benefit from the Citan’s manoeuvrability. Whether you are driving through the inner city streets or travelling down windy country lanes, you’ll notice the ease of driving and the Citan’s excellent fuel economy (62mpg) contributing to it’s affordable running costs.


We know that a van often doubles up as a driver’s office during the working day, so in addition to standard equipment, the Citan includes a range of intelligent technology to help keep your business moving.

  • Bluetooth® connectivity to your mobile phone, for safe, hands-free calling
  • Stream audio from your phone or MP3 player
  • Connect – and recharge – your devices through the USB port
  • Air conditioning system means you control the climate inside your Citan
  • Diesel engines are fitted with a electric PTC heater booster to defrost, demist and heat up your van
  • Optional reversing camera to aid manouverability
Citan engine


The Citan’s engine line-up has been designed to support a range of business needs, cost-effectively – delivering combined fuel efficiency of up to 65.7mpg – and with an eye on reducing your environmental impact.

Citan folding bulkhead

Loading: make life easy on yourself.

Until you’ve seen the Citan, you can’t appreciate the extra thought put into loading, securing and unloading. Once you utilise it in everyday scenarios, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without.

  • Full steel bulkhead
  • Load securing rings
  • Sliding side doors
  • Tailgate options
  • Folding bulkhead
  • Roof hatch

Competitive whole life costs

The Citan offers competitive whole life costs across the board. With reduced extended service intervals; GenuineParts designed specifically to make it run more efficiently and longer and competitive pricing, it delivers consistent savings to your business.

Whole Life Costs over 3 years / 45,000 – 90,000 miles

List priceRetained ValueDepreciationService & Repairs & TyresFuel costsTotal costsPence per mile
Citan 109CDI Compact£14,515£3,950£10,565£794£2,896£14,25531.7
VW Caddy C20 75hp BMT Startline£14,625£4,950£9,675£942£3,836£14,45332.1
Citan 109CDI Long£15,415£4,500£10,915£813£2,896£14,62432.5
VW Caddy C20 102hp BMT Startline£15,635£5,150£10,485£942£3,434£14,86133.0
Ford Transit Connect 200 L1 LR 100hp Base£15,545£5,225£10,320£1,356£3,230£14,90633.1

Click here to see the whole table. Source: CAP SMR data, August 2017.

#Businessbenefits – Business support tailored to your needs

Keeping your van on the road is essential for keeping your business moving; which is why each Mercedes-Benz Sprinter comes complete with sector leading business support. From European wide breakdown assistance to service care plans, we keep your business on the road.

Citan badge

3 year warranty

All Citans purchased from Rygor receive our 3 year, unlimited mileage warranty. Starting from the day your van was first registered, your warranty allows 3 years’ peace of mind, no matter how many miles you drive each year.

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Downtime is dead time to businesses. Mercedes-Benz maximise your uptime through MobiloVan, a free – European Wide – 30 years emergency breakdown assistance. With an average roadside repair rate of 80%, your business will be up and running again.

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Extended opening hours

Maximised uptime

Rygor’s famed maximised uptime ensures your van is assessed within 2 hours of arriving at our workshops. This speed of assessment allows us to get your van back on the road and earning money quickly and efficiently, minimising risk to your business.

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Accident repair

Service Care Plans

Keeping your van on the road is essential for keeping your business moving; which is why each Mercedes-Benz Vito comes complete with sector leading business support. From European wide breakdown assistance to service care plans, we keep your business on the road.

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For more information and full specification options please download a brochure, or speak to our experienced van sales team today on 03303 119 870.

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