Rygor Commercials raises its Mercedes-Benz Trucks aftersales game at Nuneaton

Thursday 18th March 2021

Mercedes-Benz and FUSO truck customers are reaping the benefits following a major extension and upgrade of its Nuneaton branch by Dealer Rygor Commercials. The £300,000 development has entailed a comprehensive refurbishment of the workshop – which now features a drive-through…

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Budget 2021 – Super deduction

Friday 16th April 2021

*Please note, we are not tax advisors or specialists so can only bring you the facts around the government’s super-deduction tax break. We are, however, commercial vehicle experts so can advise on the purchase of a new van or truck.*…

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FUSO Canter Eco Hybrid

The FUSO Canter Eco Hybrid: The first hybrid light truck that pays off

The FUSO Canter Eco Hybrid, Exclusively by Mercedes-Benz, is the first light-duty hybrid truck in Europe to go into standard production. It brings together 20 years of expertise in hybrid systems from FUSO and Daimler and marks a milestone in the development of new drive systems along the road to emission-free driving.

Why the 3.5t Canter

  • Powerful hybrid drive system
  • 10 years guarantee on essential battery components
  • Start/stop function as standard
  • Reduction in fuel consumption by up to 23%
  • DUONIC® dual clutch transmission as standard
  • High payload
  • Convenient turning circle
  • Impressive ride comfort
  • Wide range of bodies and equipment
  • Cockpit with ergonomic and comfortable design

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The Euro VI-compliant FUSO Canter Eco Hybrid, Exclusively by Mercedes-Benz, makes it very easy for you to save both fuel and money. On every trip. And the best thing is: after just a few years you will have recouped the additional cost for the hybrid model through the savings made on fuel.The powerful hybrid drive system, the electric motor of which uses energy recuperation to support the combustion engine, together with the standard stop/start function and DUONIC®, together reduce fuel consumption by as much as 23% – and the CO2 emissions as well.



And since the FUSO Canter Eco Hybrid is very much a genuine Canter, it also impresses with a high payload and a turning circle that is ideally suited to the demands of urban use. What’s more, it offers an excellent standard of ride comfort.


Technology and performance

The Canter 3.5t handles with ease, even in tight conditions. As a genuine all-rounder it has the longest body length of the segment and thus affords many individual body options. With a cab width of only 2 m you can get through narrow streets, where others can’t. All cabs offer ample space, and the independent suspension makes for good ride comfort and dynamic handling. In every respect the Canter 3.5t has what it takes – going where no other light truck dares to go.

hybrid Eco-Drive

Hybrid drive system

Saving fuel when driving, tanking energy when braking – that is the basic principle of the parallel hybrid drive. Energy is fed to the battery during braking. This then drives an electric motor that assists the combustion engine not only when next moving off, but also during acceleration. When combined with DUONIC® and the start/stop function, which switches the engine off when it comes to a standstill, then almost imperceptibly starts it again when the vehicle is ready to move off, it is possible to achieve fuel savings of up to 23%.

DUONIC transmission

The low-wear and low-maintenance DUONIC® dual clutch transmission combines the convenience of an automatic with the dynamic feel of a manual transmission. Smooth changes of gear, without any interruption to tractive power, make it the perfect partner in terms of driving comfort. In addition, the ‘park’ function allows you to leave your Canter Eco Hybrid securely parked. With the ‘creep’ function you can move your vehicle slowly and safely without the need to depress the accelerator – ideal in heavy traffic or during cautious manoeuvring.

DUONIC Gearbox


Your investment in the durable and reliable 2 kWh lithium-ion battery of the latest generation is one that will definitely pay off. We therefore have no hesitation in providing a warranty of ten years on the key battery components.

Electric Motor

As well as offering a high level of regenerative power and powerful torque, the ultra-slim electric motor/alternator impresses with its compact design as well as with the effectiveness of its interaction with the combustion engine.

Electric Motor
Hybrid display

Hybrid display

The clearly legible hybrid display shows the driver the current state of charge. The energy flow display also makes it possible to establish when energy is being used or regenerated – and so to keep honing the driving style.

Frame and payload

Boasting a chassis load capacity of just under 5t, the Canter Eco Hybrid is in a class of its own. The weight-optimised frame, which has been protected against corrosion, opens up loading possibilities that are otherwise only offered by trucks in the 8.5t segment, while you are still able to take advantage of its compact dimensions.



The versatility offered in terms of its bodywork makes the new Canter Eco Hybrid the specialist for a wide diversity of applications in urban areas and over short distances – from delivery vehicle to municipal operations vehicle. Whatever you have in mind: the Canter Eco Hybrid offers an impressive combination of flexibility and efficiency.

For more information on the FUSO Canter, Exclusively by Mercedes-Benz, speak to our experienced truck sales team today on 03303 119 870, alternatively email


3 year warranty

All Canters purchased from Rygor receive our 3 year, unlimited mileage warranty. Starting from the day your truck was first registered, your warranty allows 3 years’ peace of mind, no matter how many miles you drive each year.

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Roadside assistance


Downtime is dead time to businesses. Maximise your uptime with Service24h, a free roadside emergency breakdown assistance service that is by your side 24hours a day with an average roadside repair rate of 90%, and an average call out time of 55 minutes.

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Maximised uptime

Maximised uptime

Rygor’s famed maximised uptime ensures your Canter is assessed within 2 hours of arriving at our workshops. This speed of assessment allows us to get your truck back on the road and earning money quickly and efficiently, minimising risk to your business.

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