Acorn Environmental sows new seeds of success with versatile Mercedes-Benz Unimog

Thursday 12th September 2019 Mercedes-Benz Unimog

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is renowned for its all-terrain capability, but the truck’s on-road performance holds the key to the efficiency savings now being achieved by Acorn Environmental Management Group. The Redditch-based landscape maintenance and arboriculture specialist purchased its first Unimog…

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WLTP: Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure

Friday 2nd August 2019 WLTP

The new consumption and emissions test method Having come into force for passenger cars on 1st September 2017, WLTP ensures greater transparency providing test results that are closer to real world operation. This new testing procedure will also be applicable…

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Mercedes-Benz Arocs

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Power. Robustness. Efficiency. The Arocs is a true force to be reckoned with. Powerful on or off road, the Arocs offers frame and suspension configurations to support you and your business, no matter what the task. With high payloads, outstanding reliability and low running costs, this truck is economical, tough and adaptable – ideal for heavy haulage applications for the construction industry.

Speak to our expert truck sales team today, to see how the Arocs can work hard for your business.

Cabs and Interiors

Climb aboard and experience the comfort and convenience of the Arocs’ ergonomic interior, with intelligent storage plus driver comforts, designed to help you relax and focus. Take advantage of the driver-centric, practical workstation and command centre, helpfully supported through it’s multifunction steering wheel. Discover an array of storage spaces on offer across all four cabs available, allowing you to choose the best fit for you and your business. The Arocs cabs create a relaxed working environment, designed to support you in your daily tasks, no matter what the challenge – what more could you ask for?


You can choose between four Euro VI-compliant engines and 16 power ratings, each designed to provide maximum torque and driveability, to help you to apply the Arocs’ mighty power to the task in hand. The Arocs delivers outstanding fuel savings of up to 4% at Euro VI (compared to the already frugal predecessors) which with its robust design and therefore reduced maintenance costs, you’ll keep on saving across your new trucks lifetime.

Mercedes-Benz PowerShift 3 automated transmission is fitted as standard, offering slick shifting, efficient power transmission and effective handling. Or you can choose from our range of 9 and 16-speed manual gearboxes with loss-free power transmission and pneumatic assistance.


Whatever the application, there is a huge variety of axles available across the Arocs range to suit your business down to the ground. Choose a high strength flexible frame to give traction on difficult terrain, for an Arocs that is off-road focused and designed to last. For on-road use, the Arocs is available with a wider more rigid frame, offering the perfect blend of driving dynamics, torsional flexibility, and payload. The bespoke combination frame and suspension design gives the Arocs exceptional ground clearance, preventing grounding damage when the going gets tough.


The Arcos is packed full of innovative, industry-leading technological systems, intended to take the strain out of driving.

  • Electropneumatic Brake Systems improve safety and reduce wear by braking each wheel individually, making the most of available grip and minimising stopping distances.
  • Switchable ABS is fitted to all-wheel-drive vehicles as standard, allowing you to switch off the system in deep sand, mud or snow, so you can manage your braking reactions no matter what the terrain.
  • Attention Assist monitors driving style to assess whether the attention of the driver is starting to wane and alerts them.
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring is an optional extra, which wirelessly monitors the air pressure of all tyres on both truck and trailer, reducing the risk of blowouts or sudden deflation, ultimately saving you money.

For more information and full specification options for the Arocs please download a brochure through the links below, or speak to our experienced truck sales team today on 03303 119 870.

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