Be Seen and Be Safe. Rygor’s Message to Local Schools.

Tuesday 29th October 2019 Safety September Schools

The team from Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle Dealer group, Rygor Commercials was out and about last month visiting local schools to promote the importance of being safe and vigilant when walking to and from school. School children in Westbury, Trowbridge and…

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The Future Is Electric

Monday 28th October 2019

Keep up to date with eNews Electric eVans Drive the electric future. Contributing to a cleaner world and saving money in the process, the all new electric Mercedes-Benz vans are soon to be available. Van drivers don't need a new…

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Connect your vans to your business with Mercedes Pro

Wednesday 18th October 2017

Your van is one of the most important workers in your business. That’s why Mercedes-Benz Vans work tirelessly every day to keep your business moving safely, efficiently and comfortably.

Now, with Mercedes Pro you can connect to your van and monitor a wealth of information including if it is running smoothly, where it is and if any maintenance is required.

This free system allows businesses to monitor several different aspects of their van including
• Vehicle Logistics – The fleet manager can know the whereabouts of a vehicle, set up Geofencing, and send points of interest and locations to the driver
• Vehicle Status – Updates are provided on the vehicle condition and usage
• Fleet Communication – This allows the driver and fleet manager to send communications back and forth
• Digital drivers log – This provides a digital list of all Business journeys made. This can then be used to log mileages for mileage returns in an excel exportable format.
• Maintenance Management – Information on the servicing needs of each vehicle along with quotes from dealers for the work to be carried out

Never before have fleet managers been able to gather this amount of data on a free platform in the palm of their hands.

Business owners will be able to monitor a vans service, communicate with the driver and see where there vans have been, all from the comfort of their office.

Currently available on the Vito and Sprinter models (Vito from 10+ production, Sprinter from 06+ production) Mercedes Pro connects via the OBD2 connector, and communicates via Bluetooth to a connected smartphone.

Contact our sales team on 0844 2489 631 for more information. Alternatively contact your closest branch, or email

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