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Keeping the Wheels Turning


A message to our colleagues in the motor and transport industry:

It is fair to say that the country and certainly the motor and transport industry has never seen a few weeks like these ones before. Many businesses and organisations across the UK (and indeed the world) have faced unprecedented challenges. But whilst we all continue to try and navigate these difficult times, it has also highlighted the incredible work of those in our industry.

Like many other businesses, at Rygor we have seen our team step up, without hesitation, to ensure they play their part in keeping essential vehicles on the road at this time. Team members from all different departments have been working together to keep blue light vehicles and delivery vehicles on the road. What’s more, this has been done with pride, in the knowledge that they are helping to keep Britain moving.

There has been kindness beyond measure displayed, with many of our team members also helping their local communities, using their vans to deliver groceries and newspapers, in their own time, to the elderly and vulnerable. Throughout this difficult period, we have seen businesses work together, individuals support each other, and the country pull together, as one.

We continue to help support those who really need it and it is our aim to help keep critical workers on the move at this time. We appreciate that lots of critical workers still need to drive to be able to get to their place of work. Although there has been a MOT extension put in place, it is still important to ensure your vehicle is in the best condition it can be. This is why our sites at Gloucester, Westbury, Reading and Kidderminster have extended MOT opening hours for critical workers to get their cars tested, and for key suppliers to the country to get their vehicles tested. Furthermore, we will continue to hold daily calls with our customers who are providing essential provisions to the country to ensure their fleet is kept on the road to provide its critical service.

This industry is full of people who truly care about what they do and to everyone out there, please do not underestimate the importance of the role you play.

Why Rygor?

With 11 branches throughout Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, West London, Wiltshire and Worcestershire, Rygor are a multi award winning specialist Mercedes-Benz van and truck Dealership.