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The Future Is Electric



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Electric eVans

Drive the electric future.

Contributing to a cleaner world and saving money in the process, the all new electric Mercedes-Benz vans are soon to be available.

Van drivers don't need a new licence to operate electric vehicles, it’s that much easier to make the switch. Electric vans can also mean significant cost savings. Entitled to a greener vehicle discount on the London Congestion Charge, electric vehicles are a large saver if you have a fleet of vans regularly occupying those routes. No emissions mean your vehicle is also exempt from Vehicle Excess Duty resulting in considerable tax benefits.

Explore the all new eVans available and make the transition to a greener fleet.


100% electric, the all new eVito enables you to drive 93 miles on a single charge.

The eVito is perfect van for city driving and planned, reoccurring routes. A zero-emission drive, it also saves costs and provides more space.

The battery charges when going downhill meaning it's cost efficient as no energy is lost by breaking. Electric vehicles also benefit from favourable tax rates.

Not only do you never have to change the oil or replace the filters again, the costs for maintenance and repair are much lower than that of a combustion engine.

With more space available due to the hidden battery there is the possibility of long 6.0m3 or extra long 6.6m3 loading space.


Hot on the heels of the eVito is the new eSprinter. There will be a choice of battery options although initially available as a H2 (high roof variant).

Catering for all requirements, there is an option aimed at customers covering longer distances. Fast charged in 45 minutes and fully charged in 8 hours, the 55kWh battery has a range of 93 miles and maximum payload of around 900kg.

For those where payload is more significant, the lighter 41kWh battery increases the maximum payload to around 1,040 kg with a range of around 70 miles and is charged in 6 hours.


See tomorrow today.

Both environmentally friendly and economical, the eCanter is E-FUSO’s first zero emission light-duty truck.

With 30% less maintenance costs it’s economically profitable. It also means that exhaust-free and low-noise distribution haulage has arrived in cities.

This newest truck represents the third generation of the world’s first all-electric light duty truck.

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