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Connected vans and small businesses


For some years, Mercedes-Benz Vans have been working on Vision Van, and exploring how the van of the future will integrate with society, make businesses more efficient and increase customer satisfaction.

Customers’ expectations are rising and they are demanding fast and reliable delivery solutions and excellent customer service regardless of what industry you work in.

Vision Van has been developed to include many different features that meet all these challenges, and more, head on including an automated load area, drones for final mile delivery and optimised driver’s workspace.

The focus on connectivity optimises the flow of materials, people and goods.

But back to today, and the features of Vision Van are not too far away. With the new Sprinter on the horizon, you can stay one step ahead of the competition with the most connected van on the market.

The new Sprinter will take some of Vision Van’s features and turn them into reality, through connectivity.

How does connectivity help small businesses?

Put simply, it helps your business work smarter.

Connectivity in the new Sprinter improves your operations from day one. Avoid traffic jams with a navigation system that draws data from multiple sources – viewed on a larger touchscreen interface than any other van. Get real time service and maintenance reports, with traffic light coding so you can make priority decisions. Track your van – parked or moving – and lock and unlock it, from anywhere in the world. If you’ve got more than one van you can join your fleet together and monitor them, for a joined-up picture of your business…

  • Help save time and costs with optimised assistance
  • Maintain an overview of vehicle status and location with efficient management of your fleet
  • Reduce fuel and breakdown costs with efficient driving style analysis
  • Driver and manager communications simplified, more interactive, faster and with reduced errors
  • Control vehicle functions remotely including access and security

The Mercedes PRO Connect features in the new Sprinter

  1. Optimised Assistance

Helps save time and costs

Mercedes PRO connect offers you "Optimised Assistance" so that you can use your new Sprinter even more economically. Service work can be planned in good time and carried out more efficiently. This allows you to benefit from maximum availability of your vehicle. But should any support be required on the road, you will receive help quickly.

  1. Efficient Driving Style Analysis

Reduce your van’s fuel and breakdown costs even further

With Mercedes PRO connect in your new Sprinter, you can reduce costs further with digital services that promote an efficient driving style in terms of fuel consumption and wear. The result is that you save your business money and your fleet is on the road more cost-effectively.

  1. Simplified Fleet Communication¹

Keep in contact with your drivers if you’ve got more than one van

Mercedes PRO connect offers you "Simplified Fleet Communication¹", by allowing a direct connection between your vans¹, making your communication more interactive, faster and less prone to misunderstandings. Send messages to your driver¹ via the vehicle management tool and allocate assignments. Thanks to the in-vehicle internet connection, other services such as the creation of an internet hotspot are possible.

  1. Improved Navigation

Get to your destination quicker with all the necessary information

Mercedes PRO connect will provide your new Sprinter with all the relevant information for a more pleasant journey thanks to "Improved Navigation". Traffic data in real time, always up-to-date map data as well as various multimedia and navigation functions allow you to find the best route at the moment.

  1. Mobile Vehicle Access

Control specific functions on your new Sprinter remotely online

With Mercedes PRO connect you can control certain functions of your new Sprinter remotely. Even if your van is not in view, you can check whether the doors are locked or electrical windows are closed, amongst other things.

  1. Data Interfaces Mercedes-Benz Vans

Connect your new Sprinter to every fleet management system

Vehicle-specific Mercedes-PRO connect services, such as traffic data in real time for vehicles with a navigation system, can also be used in your new Sprinter. Furthermore, intelligent aftersales services are also available to you, including connection to the comprehensive Mercedes-Benz Service Network to keep your business moving and minimise downtime.

¹The Mercedes PRO connect app must not be used while the vehicle is on the move. Otherwise there is the risk of being distracted from what is happening on the road, thus endangering yourself or other road users. Please also observe the statutory provisions of the country in which you happen to be driving.

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