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8 Tips for Passing your MOT First Time


Importance of passing your MOT first time

At Rygor, we understand that it is important to keep your vehicles safely on the road and that repeat MOT testing can be costly in terms of both time and money, which is why we believe that it is crucial to pass your MOT, first time.

The majority of MOTs fail due to preventative issues, which could easily be avoided. According to VOSA,“50% of vans fail their MOT at the first attempt. But nearly half of all MOT failures could be avoided with a few simple checks before”.

Top Tips

The great news is, we have a few tips for simple, easy checks and maintenance tasks which you can carry out on your vehicle to help prepare for MOTs to increase your chance of passing first time.

1 / Check your lights.

It’s easy to do and you can replace bulbs yourself.

Rygor Mercedes Preventative Maintenance Lights

2 / Check your tyre tread.

1 in 10 MOT fails is due to tyre problems. The legal tread minimum is 1.6mm and you can use a tread depth gauge to check you still have a legal and safe amount of tread left.

Preventative Maintenance Tyres

3 / Check tyre pressure.

Look to see if there any signs of damage such as bulges and cuts.

Preventative maintenance Tyre pressure

4/ Check your screen wash.

Check your screen wash and top up if it is empty.

Preventitive Maintenance Screen wash

5 / Check your horn.

Check that your horn is loud and clear.

Preventative Maintenance Horn

6 / Check your wiper blades.

If there are any signs of damage, make sure you replace them.

Preventative Maintenance Wipers

7 / Check for chips in your windscreen.

Small stone chips in your windscreen are acceptable from an MOT perspective, but large chips will be a failure.

Preventative Maintenace Windscreen

8 /Check your rear view mirror.

Check that your rear view mirror is in good working order and can be adjusted.

Preventative Maintnenac Mirror

Setting Standards

At Rygor, not only are we able to MOT a wider range of vehicles, our extended opening hours mean you can fit in your vehicle’s MOT at a time that is suitable to you, so you can get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible. But don’t just take our word for it, this is what one of our customers had to say about our MOT service:

Dave Storey from Autocade, said: “Since we have been working with Rygor, we have received exceptional service levels, with consistent and fair MOT results. Importantly, they also have the capacity to meet our needs, as we can often have up to five vehicles per day which need MOT testing. The team at Rygor is fantastic; they communicate regularly with us and act as a true extension of our business.”

For us it’s all about Setting Standards, so when your vehicle has an MOT test at one of our branches, you will benefit from 10% off parts and labour costs of any MOT work required.

Get in touch with your local branch today, or click here to book your vehicle in.

Why Rygor?

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